Many agents are taught to use old-school strategies to gain leads and make sales. From cold calling FSBOs to sending real estate postcards to door knocking, real estate agents are spending hundreds of hours on 1:1 marketing techniques instead of using modern marketing methods.

Clearly there’s a reason why 87% of real estate agents fail within the first 5 years!

Here’s why it’s time for you to step up your marketing game as a REALTOR and get on Instagram…
You don’t have to compete with the MLS Monsters.

No more fighting against Zillow or On Instagram, users want to connect with local realtors, not big-name companies. Instagram is all about human-to-human connections, not human-to-MLS-Monsters. Just sayin’…

You don’t have to compete with large groups or teams.

If you type in “[City Name] real estate” into Google, it’s likely that the MLS Monsters and the biggest local real estate groups and teams in your area are what show up first. On Instagram, everything is fair game.

Real estate social media content
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You can build your Know, Like, and Trust factor without meeting people in person.

Your time is money, agents! Instagram allows prospective clients to get know you, fall in love with you, and trust you as the professional – all from the comfort of your couch. This means more people will be ready to work with you without even meeting you in person!

Photos are worth a thousand words.

People are skimming your captions (maybe), but they’re loving your photos. Professional photography can help you sell your listing faster and above market value. And guess who has tons of high-quality photos? You do!

Try typing in “Young Professionals” into your Instagram search bar. Instagram will likely pull accounts local to you that include the name “Young Professionals.” Because of this, the potential is magnified. Not only will you find your city-wide young professionals group but also all of the nearby YP groups associated with particular churches or religious institutions. Triple win!

Now type in your city name followed by “mom.” I bet at least 1 local moms group popped up!

Just like before, go engage with the people who are connected to these accounts – whether they follow them, are followed by the account, or have engaged with the account’s posts. Make sense?

Showcase your listings for free.

The more eyeballs on your listings, the faster they will sell! Use hashtags and geotags to get your new listings in front of homebuyers.

Instagram is free advertising.

Stop paying those lead generation companies who force you into long-term contracts that cost half your commission and a piece of your soul. On Instagram, you can find and engage with prospective clients FOR FREE. Isn’t that some good news.

62% of people say they become more interested in a brand (aka YOU) after seeing it in Instagram Stories, according to Hootsuite.

Get on Instagram stories and connect with your audience to turn those cold leads into warm leads who are ready to use you as their next real estate agent.

Instagram is the 3rd most popular social media platform.

The ‘gram is ranked right behind YouTube and Facebook for overall use. 37% of U.S adults use Instagram. That means 1/3 of potential buyers and sellers use Instagram. It’s like a networking party online!

Stay top-of-mind in your sphere of influence.

Never spend another penny sending out monthly postcards to remind people you’re a real estate agent. Post regularly on Instagram to keep you and your real estate business in front of your audiences.

It’s easy to get discovered.

Hashtags and geotags make it easy prospective clients to find you. It’s also easier to use than traditional website SEO.

You can reach out directly to potential leads.

Find people who live in your area easily, and then connect with them. Free internet leads for the win! No more cold calling or sending postcards. Drop into prospective clients’ comments and DMs with ease.

Instagram users have money!

55% of adults making $70-80k are on Instagram. 46% of adults making $80-100k are on Instagram. 60% of adults making $100k+ are on Instagram. Instagram users have the money to buy a house, so it’s time to get selling!

Now for some real talk…

Simply having an Instagram account that you occassionally post on is NOT going to do anything for you. You absolutely MUST create consistent content, as well as engage with other accounts. Remember that social media marketing is playing the long-game. You’re not going to get leads overnight. Give yourself some grace and lots of time, and you’ll soon be successful on Instagram!

Real estate social media content
Download the FREE Holiday Real Estate Social Media Toolkit!
39+ real estate images + captions for every day of the holidays