A local real estate agent was really frustrated. She posted on social media “constantly” but nobody was actually liking her posts, much less commenting on them. Without any sort of real engagement, the agent had no chance of getting any leads.

Why? Because in order to get leads, you have to have conversations. And conversations come from you creating content and having engagement on your social media.

This REALTOR came to me and asked, “How do I get more engagement on my real estate social media?

It’s a great question that I get asked ALL the time.

How do I get more engagement on my social media posts from my sphere of influence?

Let’s walk through a couple different things that will help you get more engagement on your social media content…

Use a high-quality image.
I’m going to shoot straight with you for a minute (ayyy, see what I did there?). If your content doesn’t look valuable and high-quality, people will ignore it. Use Canva templates to help your graphics look amazing. If you’re using a photo as the image you share, make sure it’s taken in great light and doesn’t look grainy. Don’t just pull a graphic off of Google, Pinterest, or another agent’s account. That’s illegal and looks trashy. Instead, use branded images and graphics that look cohesive and show that YOU are the professional.

Write a captivating headline.
Grab you audience’s attention with an intriguing headline. If you need some inspiration, go over to the magazine section of your local bookstore. What are publishers putting on the covers of magazines? 3 Tips for [Fill-in-the-Blank]. 7 Ways to Accomplish [Goal]. How to [Desire].

Create content that your audience cares about.
Nobody except your mom cares about the house you just sold. 99.9% of your audience doesn’t care about that monthly market report either. Instead, focus on providing some sort of value to your audience – whether that’s inspiration, education, or entertainment. Now within that, you have 2 types of people. First, you have the people who are thinking about selling or buying a house in the next year or so. They care about things like “5 Homebuying Mistakes” or “3 Tips for Getting Top Dollar for Your Home.” You also have a category of people who are in your Sphere of Influence but aren’t going to buy or sell for awhile. You STILL want to provide them value as well. This could be a funny meme, maintenance or organization tips, or something else.

Social media for real estate agents
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Give a Call-to-Action.
If you want something, oftentimes have to ask for it. Want comments? At the end of your post, ask a question. Then write, “Let me know in the comments below!” The question should be easily answerable in under 10 words. Want people to send you a DM or message? Write something like “Know someone who is looking to move? Send me a DM and tell me who!” Want more likes & follows? Tell your readers, “Find this info helpful? Please like, follow, and share with your friends!” Bottom line: if you don’t tell people what to do, they will keep on scrolling.

Use hashtags.
One way to get more engagement on your content is for more people to see your content. You can get more eyeballs on your content by using up to 30 relevant hashtags on Instagram. These hashtags should be related to your niche/industry and/or local area.

Use Instagram Stories + stickers.
Just posting on your Instagram isn’t enough. You need to be showing up on Stories regularly to engage with your audience. Use the Stickers feature to interact with your audience, build connections with them, and find new leads.

Post consistently.
Don’t post once a month and expect people to suddenly start flooding your inbox with listing appointment requests and referrals. You need to be posting CONSISTENTLY every single week. A great way to do is this is by batching and scheduling out your content. Facebook has now launched a native scheduling tool called Creator Studio… or you can do this inside a 3rd party app like later.com.

Just doing these 7 things will radically help you increase your engagement… and get more leads on social media.

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