97% of dog owners look at your website before hiring you.

A great website will bring you an influx of dog owners who need your skills. A bad website will drive dog owners away, even if you’re an amazing trainer.

Get me a client-converting website now!

Aly Hathcock

Real talk, you’re an awesome dog trainer, and you want your website to reflect that.

Your dream website…

✅ Gives dog owners the information they’re searching for
✅ Positions you as THE local expert on all things dog-training
✅ Builds trust with potential clients through great content & design
✅ Educates owners about why YOU are the best trainer for their dog
✅ Converts the “I’m considering dog training” dog owners into owners who are banging down your door to hire you
✅ Makes it oh-so-easy for dog owners to hire you

But there’s a problem…

You don’t know how to write words cause dog owners to throw their credit cards at you.

You also don’t know how to design a website optimized to get ideal clients to slam the “call now” button.

You want to spend your time training dogs, not creating websites that compel dog owners to hire you.

You need a marketer who doesn’t just understand web design and copywriting.

You need a marketer who speaks dog.

Aly Hathcock

You became a dog trainer to train dogs- not spend all your time trying to convince dog owners to hire you.

Meet the person you’ve been looking for.

Hey, I’m Aly. I’ve worked in marketing since Jesus was a baby. Past clients include dog trainers, vets, canine care facilities, real estate agents, universities, local contractors, and more.

Now word on the street is that you need someone who *deeply* understands dog training. I FEEL you. I’ve worked with dog trainers for over 4 ½ years. And I don’t just mean “I talk to dog training clients every once in a while.” Oh no, I’ve spent HUNDREDS of hours at dog training facilities working with and talking to dog trainers.

Positive reinforcement trainers. Balanced dog trainers. Mondio & dog sport trainers. I understand it all.

When you hire me, you get both a website designer AND an internationally-published copywriter who speaks dog. 

One of my dog training clients saw a 60%+ increase in revenue. Another landed his biggest client ever through his website I built.

If there’s 2 things I know, it’s marketing and dog training.

Let’s team up, and make you the top dog trainer in your area.

Aly Hathcock

 How An Effective Website Will Help Your Business


You’re not just another dog trainer. You’re a professional who people trust with their four-legged family member.


Your new website will show dog owners that YOU are the perfect trainer for them & compel them to HIRE you to be their trainer.


If you confuse potential clients, you’ll lose them. We’ll build your site in a way that dog owners know exactly which training option they need.

Here’s the Plan



Strategy Call

We’ll work together to map out a game plan for your website. You’ll get to share all about your dog training business, services, and what makes you unique. (I can’t wait to hear!)


Create + Collab

I’ll write out all your content while you gather testimonials & photos. You’ll give feedback. Then, I’ll design your site & make tweaks as necessary.


Go Live & Grow Your Business

It’s time for the world to see your website, so you can start marketing your business & getting more clients. In 3…2…1…

Share your message.

Be seen. Get more clients. Build your business.

Have Questions?

I have answers…probably.

How long will it take to build my new site?

Just a few weeks, depending on the size of your website. The moment you say YES, I get down to work.

Will my current dog training website go down while you’re building the new one?

Nope. Your site will stay up while I build out your new site. It will go down for maybe a day or two during the final switch when everything is getting sync’d up.

Do you write all the website text for me?

Heck yeah, I do! Based upon your brand, personality, and our strategy call, I’ll write out all the website text that have dog owners slamming the “Book Now” button faster than their dog can woof down a piece of chicken.

Do you offer other marketing services besides web design?

Absolutely! I also offer branding, social media management, email marketing, & coaching/consulting. Most of my clients start with a new website build-out, which ensures the best return on investment on other marketing efforts.

Do you have a dog? Can I meet her?

 Yes and maybe?! I have a 45-lb lab mix named Piper. When we’re not traveling, we compete together in the US Canine Biathlon 2x per year.