Get More Clients From Your Emails

You have an email list but you’re feeling kinda lost about what to actually do with it.

💥 You KNOW you should be sending emails but you have no idea what to write. It feels like you’re hitting a brick wall over and over again… and at this point, it’s been a hot minute since you’ve emailed your list.
💥 You offer tons of value to your clients in your 1:1 sessions, but you don’t know how to translate that to your email list in a way that speaks to your audience and shows your value.
💥 When you do send emails, not a lot of people engage with them and they certainly don’t turn into leads and clients who love to throw fistfuls of cash at you.

Let’s transform your email marketing into a client-generating machine!

Masterclass Mockup - Get More Clients Using Email

After watching this masterclass, you’ll know…

✅ How many emails you should *actually* be sending your list to make more sales (it’s not what you think!)
✅ The #1 type of content you should be leveraging in your marketing to magnetize clients to you
✅ Why storytelling matters way more than you think
✅ 4 ways to find shareable content in under 30 seconds a day
✅ The easiest way to transform your micro-stories into content your audience absolutely LOVES
✅ Practical action steps you can take today to start sending more emails and getting more clients

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