Personal Branding for Agents

Get clear on who you are as a REALTOR and be known for something.

You want to stand out in your local market – not look and sound exactly like all your other competitors.

Real estate marketing strategist Aly Hathcock in Birmingham AL

Let’s get down to business…

You’re ready for a real logo that doesn’t look like you paid $5 for it off Fiverr #busted. You’re not selling cute things on Etsy as a side hustle that your family thinks is “just a phase.” You’re a professional selling millions of dollars in real estate. You know it’s time to level up your logo (or get one for the first time)!

Your bio and messaging sounds like the REALTOR next door – cookie-cutter and clear as mud. Customer service. Integrity. Professional. Quality. Expertise. Personalized. Blah. Blah. Blah. How are you actually different? It’s time for you to break the mold and stand out.

Fonts and color palettes have been your confetti. You use all of them across all your different pieces of marketing collateral. You throw some here… some over there… However, you’re starting to wonder if it would help to start being consistent across platforms. Maybe it would make it easier for your ideal clients to recognize you…?

You have a winning personality but your brand feels stiff and… well… not like you. You’re not a robot selling houses. You’re an authentic human that attracts people. You have a feeling that if you started infusing some of your personality into your brand, it may just magnetize you some amazing, new clients.

There’s over 2 million real estate agents in the U.S. If you’re going to make it in real estate, you need to be different… but how?


Build a Personal Brand

messaging and a visual identity that helps you stand out and magnetize your ideal clients

Your personal brand helps you unite the personal YOU who ideal clients love to be around with the trustworthy, professional real estate expert that you are.

Your unique visual identity allows you to stand out and grab people’s attention. Then, you clear and authentic messaging framework immediately connects you with your ideal clients.

It’s a 1-2 punch that helps you stand out from the masses, get in front of the right people, and magnetize potential clients who are ready to connect with you.

What are the specifics of branding?

Brand Messaging for Real estate agents


Your visual identity package includes a primary logo, logo color variations, a custom color palette, and 2-3 curated fonts.

Available Add-Ons include custom business cards, flyers, postcards, and social media templates.

Investment: $650+

Real Estate logo design and visual identity


You’ll get a brand story that identifies your ideal client avatar and walks them through every step of the journey to get them from where they are to hiring you as their agent.

Plus, we’ll create your business’s “one-liner” and your social media profile descriptions.

Investment: $600

blue couch in the living room a real estate agent sold using social media marketing

Here’s what’s possible with a personal brand…

Your ideal clients are magnetized to you, while the “just looking buyers” stop wasting your time.

People recognize your content as YOU when scrolling on social media. It looks and sounds like you IRL.

You know what to say in your marketing to get people to actually pick up the phone and call you.

Is there any fine print?

Branding is the FOUNDATION of marketing your business. It’s just the beginning. It’s not a silver bullet. It’s not a guarantee you’ll get every lead you reach out to.

What branding DOES do is give you a framework to leverage the power of good design, storytelling, and emotional connections marketing to get a prospective client from where they are to where they want to be (ya know, living in their dream home that you just sold them).


Hey, I’m Aly!

I empower businesses and people to unleash their potential through marketing. The foundation of any good marketing strategy is you branding. I’m here to help you craft a brand that feels authentic you and helps you stand out among the masses. After all, looking like every other agent isn’t going to lead to the abundance you were hoping for, is it?

Allow me to let you in on my dirty little secret. I’m also a psychology nerd and life coach. When I help you establish your brand, I’m not just looking at what looks and sounds good. I’m also incorporating buyer psychology and emotional marketing to help make you absolutely irresistible to your ideal clients.

Aly Hathcock is a real estate marketing specialist in Birmingham, AL

Here’s the process…

Book your spot by submitting a 50% non-refundable deposit and signing the contract.

Complete the comprehensive questionnaire about your business, and create a Pinterest inspiration board. (Trust me, it won’t take long.)

I analyze all your “homework” and start laying the foundation for your custom brand. I’ll deliver to you my initial logo concepts and/or messaging framework.

We’ll make up to 3 rounds of revisions as necessary until everything is absolutely perfect.

I’ll start cranking out any additional branding and marketing collateral ad-ons. You’ll have up to 2 revisions to make sure everything is perfect.

After the remaining balance is paid in full, all final logos and collateral files will be delivered to you via Google Drive. Grab the bubbly, because you’re ready to show off your gorgeous, new brand to the world. Cheers!


If you’re done playing small and are ready to build your empire, it starts with building your brand.

Let’s start building my empire!