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The Agent’s Content Kit

30 days of free social media posts + captions

Balancing your real estate business with marketing can be overwhelming…

The real estate market right now is popping. You’re busting your but “running the business” – finding leads, hosting open houses, writing contracts, and closing deals.

Yet you also have a life outside of real estate as well. A family to cook for. Friends to have girls’ nights with. Events to attend.

You’re busy and overwhelmed. The last thing you have time and energy for is your real estate social media, right?

I have a gift for you…

The Agent’s Content Kit

30 days of social media content to rescue you from trying to have to figure it all out on your own

Get DAILY social media posts for an entire month! You can use the posts & captions exactly as they are OR customize them for free in Canva.

Copy. Paste. Schedule. Done!

Real estate social media content

With this toolkit, you will…

know exactly what to post and when to post it
stay top-of-mind to potential clients through posting consistency
spend less time marketing yourself and more time celebrating clients & Christmas
become known, liked, & trusted by prospective clients
build your real estate brand online without it consuming all your time & energy
What are you waiting for?

Get moving! Your prospective clients are waiting for you to connect with them online. Get your FREE social media toolkit now!