Custom Website Design

Get a property-search website that actually helps your real estate business grow.

You deserve a custom-built, branded website that makes you stand out from the crowd and drives you leads.

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You’ve tried a lot of different things…

You attempted to build out your site through your brokerage. After hours of tinkering, you could never get your “custom site” to look like more than just yet another agent profile. It’s there, but it’s not actually doing that much for you.

On the off-chance you did get your agent website looking great, when you switched brokerages (like most agents do every 5 years), you lost everything and had to start from scratch. All your blog articles and website traffic is now just… gone.

You had a lead generation company build you a site for the monthly cost of… wait, what?!?!? HALF YOUR COMMISSION?!? If you cancel your account with the company, you lose your website and all the traffic you worked so hard to get.

You dream about a website that doesn’t suck and actually works for you.

What if there was an alternative solution to all this digital chaos…

…where your website is custom built to you and your brand.

…where your ideal clients find your website naturally without you having to run 73513 ads all of the time.

…where you aren’t required to make huge monthly payments to a marketing or lead generation company or you lose your entire site.

…where you are in full control of your website, no matter what brokerage you’re with.

…where local users love to read every single line on your website and sign up for all your newsletters (#websiteaddiction).

Boy, oh boy, do I have something up my sleeve just for you…


Your Custom IDX Website

a property-search website designed for you and your brand that turns lookers into leads

Your custom website gives you the framework you need to build a sustainable, long-lasting real estate business, no matter what brokerage you work with.

It’s the tool you need to get in front of the right people, so you can turn browsers into buyers… without Zillow or Trulia stealing your leads.

Plus, YOU will finally be in total control of your website without having to rely on a third party.




Capture visitor information and turn them into hot leads through an integrated CRM.



Establish yourself as THE #1 real estate expert in your local market.



Our user-friendly interface and search features keep visitors coming back for more.

blue couch in the living room a real estate agent sold using social media marketing

Here’s what’s possible with a personalized IDX website…

Your visibility online continues to increase as you connect with new people searching for homes in your area.

A potential client falls in love with you and your brand just by scrolling through your website.

Local homebuyers instantly identify you as a go-to authority in the area and stay on your website for hours, daydreaming about the house you’re going to sell them.

Your leads come to you all hot and steamy, not freezing cold with a 24-month “heating” time.

Website visitors no longer risk falling into the hands of the Zillow monster or another agent.

You no longer have to pay big box lead generation companies to send you leads, because your website does it for you

“Okay Aly, is there a catch?”

I’m not going to lie to you, using your website for lead generation is a long-term strategy. You cannot expect to build your website and suddenly start ranking at the top of Google. It takes time. If you want to rank on Google, focus on creating regular content (aka blog posts) for your website as well. I’ll walk you through all of this as well.

Now you’re probably wondering if you’re going to need to take out a second mortgage to pay for this website. Spoiler Alert: you won’t have to. Depending on your website, you’ll pay an upfront fee for me to set up and design your website. Each year, you’ll also pay for your website domain name, hosting, and IDX/MLS.


Hey, I’m Aly!

I’m a marketing magic-maker. (Seriously, that used to be my nickname!) I started teaching web design wayyyyy back in the day when MySpace still existed and before Keller Williams went international. With 10 years of marketing and communication experience, I’m here to help you take back control of your website and marketing.

My goal is to create a website you absolutely love, teach you how to use it, and then give you full control over it. (Of course, I’m always available to help if necessary.) I believe YOU are made to be in the driver’s seat of your real estate business and its growth – not your broker or a big box lead generation company.

Aly Hathcock is a real estate marketing specialist in Birmingham, AL